Vision Statement & Values

At MCC our vision statement is simple.  We are #inthisforyou.  This has a couple of different meanings.  

  • First, we are in this for Jesus.  Everything we do points first and foremost to Him.

  • Second, we are in this for our community.  God has placed us here and has a plan for the church to affect and be a witness in the community.  We want to serve our community. We want to see your businesses succeed and your families thrive.

  • Finally, we are in this for each other.  When you attend MCC, you are one of us.  You're family and we are #inthisforyou.

    In addition to our vision statement, we have six core values:  sharing, connection, generosity, gathering, serving, and you. 

  • We value sharing.

    God's good word is intended to be celebrated and passed on through our stories.  Let's shout it from the roof top!

  • We value connection.

    It is the thread that binds people and God together. Connection allows everyone to feel valued, accepted, and at home here.

  • We value generosity.

    It brings joy and builds trust to give sacrificially of our time, talent, and treasure to the church and to our community.

  • We value gathering.

    Spending time together brings encouragement and strength.

  • We value serving.

    God's purpose for us is to lovingly serve others.